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Behind the Brand

Rhelm was created from my vision over the past decade. It happened because I took a look at the misleading, awkward and inauthentic lifestyle brands on offer and decided to create something better. That something better is a collection of brands, influencers, experts and content, designed to empower and inspire through authenticity, shared experience, unique insights and lots of fun.

Somewhere to share a story that will be our story, your story, and the story of our customers and contributors

Rhelm is where you’ll find the courage to try something a little bit different, from rocking a new fashion to modifying your self-care regime or booking a trip overseas – perhaps all three at once. Rhelm could even be the place where you find the kind of life-changing thoughts and suggestions that make all the difference when times are tough and life is hard.

Sought after products, relatable experiences and real people will inspire you to become the best and happiest version of yourself. Purchase any reviewed product, enter competitions and immerse yourself in the ever-inspiring world of Rhelm. Finding that unique YOU is what we mean by being ‘in the Rhelm’, and we’ll guide you through a seamless integration of articles, images and videos, all chosen because they offer a unique view or new angle within Wellness, Beauty, Fashion, Home and Travel.

Find your place in the Rhelm.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for Rhelm comes from Carolyn Helms, and is based on more than 30 years’ experience in the beauty industry. Those decades were spent as a hairstylist, business leader, manager and successful owner of a full-service salon spa and boutique – The Bell Tower Salon Spa in Wyomissing, PA – as well as in being one of the contributing partners in the Oribe luxury hair care brand.

All of this experience comes together in the shape of Rhelm, a way for Carolyn to work with likeminded people and expand far beyond the bricks and mortar of the Bell Tower to offer ideas, lessons and insights gathered through her life in the beauty and wellness realm (a.k.a. "Rhelm").

Carolyn shared the idea with her brother and sister-in-law. Both intrigued with the concept, her brother offered advice and support with building the digital platform. Carolyn is very grateful for their belief and support in her and her vision of "Rhelm.”

Meet Carolyn

Carolyn’s start as a young model in New York and Miami led to her personal preference to be behind the camera and help transform models into glamorous visions on the pages of glossy fashion magazines. She is a graduate of Pittsburgh Beauty Academy and an elite member of the Intercoiffure Organization, which set the standards in the hair styling industry for licensed stylists and platform educators. Her salon education spans from Bumble and Bumble, Davines, Goldwell, Wella, and R+Co, with extensive practical training with big-hair-celebrity-stylist Oribe Canales.

In fact, Carolyn invested in Oribe (pronounced Orbay) in its early idea stages to create a luxury haircare brand that has since become one of the most successful and highest performing brands throughout the U.S. and Europe. Carolyn was on Oribe’s editorial team at Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani Runway Shows during Milan’s Fashion Weeks, and at Armani Prive during Paris Fashion Weeks.

As owner and creative director of Bell Tower Salon Spa, Carolyn strives to continually push the envelope in health, wellness, beauty and fashion. Since founding her downtown Wyomissing, Pennsylvania salon, to relocating and continuously reinvigorating the Bell Tower brand, she has made Bell Tower a leader in the beauty and wellness industry. Carolyn is a community leader and businesswoman who has received numerous accolades for Bell Tower’s luxurious service offerings, which includes a bamboo rain forest treatment among more unique wellness treatments. Bell Tower’s commitment to cater to the its guests led to its status as “Salon of the Year” by Salon Today and ranking as one of the “Top Ten Color Salons on the East Coast” by Elle Magazine. Bell Tower continues to make progressive strides in the beauty and wellness industries and received national recognition as a Modern Salon, has had the distinct privilege of being voted the Lamar “People’s Choice” salon, and continues in its long-running status as Best of Berks County – awarded the Berks County’s “Golden Leaf Award.”

Carolyn’s most recent venture stems from her desire to branch out from the brick and mortar to share real, relevant, authentic experiences in the “Rhelm” of beauty, wellness, fashion, home, and travel. Her 30-plus years spent in the lifestyle industry has afforded her a wealth of connections to amazingly creative, smart, and successful individuals in the beauty, fashion, wellness, and travel industries. Her goal is to share past, present, and future experiences stamped with Rhelm approval to inspire others to be uniquely YOU.

Carolyn can be reached by email: carolyn@rhelm.com