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If you can trace the many years I’ve been a friend and business associate of Daniel Kaner….

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Peels and Masks - Part 8 of 10

Peels and face masks have quite a lot in common. In simple terms, they both involve substances being applied to the skin and left there for a specific period of time.

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Laser Treatments - Part 7 of 10

As with so many areas of beauty treatment, the biggest issue for the average person trying to decide whether a laser treatment would be right for them

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Botox - Part 6 of 10

First things first - yes, Botox is, technically speaking, a toxin, namely the same toxin which causes the potentially fatal form of food poisoning called botulism.

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Retinol & Glycolic Acid - Part 10 of 10

It’s long been established that glycolic acid and retinol are vital ingredients when it comes to treating the common signs of ageing.

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Radio Frequency Treatments - Part 9 of 10

Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening is one of the treatments available, using technology to deliberately cause ‘micro-damages’ to the skin of the face.

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Dermal Fillers - Part 5 of 10

If you’re writing about dermal fillers and Botox then you have to be honest and admit that.

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How Mighty is the Plasma Pen? - Part 4 of 10

In simple terms, a Plasma Pen is the high tech version of micro needling, using technology to create a small and highly localized trauma.

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Vampire Facials - Part 3 of 10

Sometimes you can’t help feeling that someone in the marketing department has missed a trick, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to the ‘Vampire Facial’.

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Hydra Facials – A Patented Solution - Part 2 of 10

The world of skin treatments involves the use of innovative technology to deliver therapies which combine visibly impressive results.

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Beauty Treatments – Too Much of a Good Thing - Part 1 of 10

If you could commit to a treatment or combination of treatments for 12 months..

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Ways to Improve the Skin You're In

Once you shop for a new summer bathing suit, look in the full-length mirror and wonder, “what happened?!” your attention turns to taking care of your skin and increasing your cardio workouts.

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Rosemary’s Secrets to Beauty

Our environment has been altered in ways that are out of our control. We need to take back that power on an individual level by nourishing our mind, our skin, and our body, soul, and spirit.

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Kristi's Skincare

We asked Kristi, who spends her days under the fierce western sun, how she keeps her skin young and healthy.

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Aloe Vera

The healing properties from the aloe plant are found only in the sap, which has a strong fragrance and bitter taste.

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Embrace Your Beauty

From my vantage point I see something completely different. I don’t see the faults and the so-called flaws, I see a beautiful person.

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