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In the Rhelm, we understand what the concept of ‘home’ is really about. We know your home is much more than the building you live in or simply an investment in bricks and mortar. Your home is a reflection and extension of your personality. It’s a safe haven for family, warmth, and shelter. It’s about making memories from the times you spend together.

Those moments in time lend to a unique creativity to create your own unique corner of the world. Our community in the Rhelm is packed with real and relatable experiences of women who set out to create the lifestyle they desire and deserve. We hope you enjoy learning about and sharing your own stories on what brings joy to your surroundings. Beyond tips to help you build a home with all the best comforts, we’ll share food and drinks most enjoyed by our experts and readers.

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Jeff Schaller
Christmas Cocktail - Old Fashion Glasses
Candle, Massage Taiga
Provence Platters
Oval Provence Platter
Epic Made Studios
5" Handcrafted Ceramic Dish
Mr. Wattson
MR. WATTSON Limited Edition Table Lamp
Panier Des Sens
Lavender Liquid Marseille Soap
Provence Platters
The Original Champagne Cork Stool
Lime and Pine Soap Bar
Cellar Door Preserves
Blueberry Jam
Epic Made Studios
Handcrafted Set Of 3 Spoons
Provence Platters
Vintage Platter
Epic Made Studio
Handcrafted Triangle Hanging Planter
Mismatched Goblets
Jeff Shaller
Audrey Sugar Painting
Inquire on price
Provence Platters
Wine Barrel Stave Candelabra

Welcome to Woodenhead Vintners

Welcome to Woodenhead Vintners ~ perched atop the rolling hillside on River Road in Santa Rosa.

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Summer Whites 2022

In fashion, prime season for wearing white is Memorial Day through Labor Day, but in the wine world, white is year-round...

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Rosé Roundup 2022

It’s time to celebrate summertime with pink sips from a cornucopia of wine regions that best represent the rosé of France, California, Italy, and Washington state.

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A Blended World of Zinfandel

Why does a winemaker blend grapes? Because varietals won't typically show the same complexities and character if the grape varietal stood on its own.

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Northern Italy Wines

Tre Campane refers to the 'three bells' of three communes in Lugana, in the Lombardy region, where the grapes that produced this wine were grown.

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Cowboy & Girl Style Chicken Soup

Cowboy & Girl Style chicken soup by Adrian Davila of Davila’s BBQ!

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Bubbling Over

There’s more to Champagne than a simple glass of fizz. Champagne is a place, for starters, and it could also probably lay claim to being a state of mind and an invitation to celebrate.

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Angels & Cowboys 2019 Proprietary Red, Sonoma County, California

Trailblazing wineries in Sonoma County are plentiful, but some are clearly more worthy of a mention than others.

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